Why handmade jewelry?

I never really gave it much thought, but realized recently that handmade jewelry is more of an investment compared to jewelry that is mass produced. When you think about how much attention to detail and love goes into making one piece, you’ll come to understand why it is so.

Handmade, as defined by Oxford Dictionaries, means “made by hand, not by machine, and  typically therefore of superior quality.” Handmade jewelry is cut and sawed and shaped by hand and for that reason you are able to catch all of the small variations in each and every piece.  No two items are exactly the same, and in case of many, you can even see the fingerprints of the jewelry maker forever etched in the metal. How cool is that! 

Making jewelry by hand is very labor intensive in contrast to mass production where machines can fabricate hundreds of identical pieces in a very short time. I truly believe it is indefinitely better to own just a few one of a kind pieces that I absolutely love - a perfect example where quality beats quantity!

The materials used in handmade jewelry are most of the time of stellar quality because they are sourced from highly reputable sources. The process is less transparent when there are mass production machines involved in blending metals used in creation. Smaller scale production almost always means higher quality.

You can’t escape the fact that when the artist/maker/designer/creator makes jewelry by hand, he or she pours his/her heart and soul into making each and every piece. Imagine spending hours making something and the love and devotion for the process that’s required of you in order to be doing that. The energy that’s involved is key to the value that is inherent in each piece.

Last but not least, handmade jewelry makes a fantastic gift for any occasion. When you buy something handmade, the recipient will know that you made a conscious decision to look for something beautiful and unique, that you spent time searching for a meaningful present, that you care…


Handmade is forevermore a conversation piece!

What conversation pieces do you own?




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