About us

Klossey.com is an online jewelry store that carries pieces designed and made in Europe.

The brand offers bold artisan jewelry created by Polish jewelry maker MOTYLE, as well as delicate and fashion-forward KLOSSEY and ITALIAN Collections that can be worn as a single accent or as arranged in layers statement pieces. All of the jewelry you find here is made from high quality materials including silver, gold, leather and silk.

A lot of the pieces are a must-have for the trendy woman who likes to dress up a basic tee or make a statement by wearing an eye-catching one of the kind piece of jewelry.

We carefully select each and every piece you’ll find here - quality of materials used, distinct design and craftsmanship as well as visual allure are among many attributes that are taken into consideration. Pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the touch is what we believe in.

If you love jewelry - jewelry as unique as you - you will definitely find something for yourself at our store.

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